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Our Story

Aisha is a Londoner and proud African from Ghana and Nigeria. Lexie is a Parisian, with roots from the beautiful island of Guadeloupe. We met in 2017 at the annual UK Black Pride celebration and we haven't left each other's side ever since. Fast forward a couple of years and we got engaged in Vietnam and got married in July 2022  in London! We have travelled through Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America together and look forward to exploring more of the world.

Aisha is an entrepreneur and Founder of Moonlight Experiences. She also volunteers for UK Black Pride as the Head of Community Engagement and as a trustee for GiveOut. Lexie is a Wedding Planner, she's the Founder of Queer Weddings, and volunteers as Head of Operations at UK Black Pride.

We decided to be unapologetically visible as The Queer Nomads to change the narrative of queer Black and people of colour within the travel industry, and sprinkle some queer black joy along the way. 

Get in touch if you want to work with us.

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